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Walk to End Alzheimer's - San Jose, CA

Each petal of every flower represents a person, and his/her family,  suffering from Alzheimer's.   We support the Alzheimer's Association's efforts to end Alzheimer's by participating in their annual Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease. Our fundraising efforts for the battle against this devastating disease were highly successful. Beacon Home Care walked the 3 miles in honor of all our Clients and their families who are suffering and have suffered from this debilitating disease.

The October 11th walk took place in Santa Clara, CA and Vianney was able to speak on behalf of BHC about the importance of this event. She stated that BHC was walking in honor of all our compassionate PALs who care for (have cared for) persons with Alzheimer's.  Vianney also dedicated this walk to her aunt, Mama Rose, survived by her 5 children.  This day was for all of you!

It was absolutely amazing to see such a huge group dedicated to a singular purpose! Up next is the Walk in Santa Rosa on October 18, 2014.  If you would like to participate, please call Beacon Home Care in Santa Rosa at 707.570.2070 or visit http://www.alz.org/.  Hope to see you there!